About Us

Warriorrings is a new concept in designing custom made military rings.

No other website can offer so many insignia/design choices for creating your military ring in a simple step by step, visual and interactive way. With over 25 years experience designing and selling military rings to the U.S military our objective was to construct a website that would provide the easiest platform to create your own custom made military ring online. We offer the most comprehensive range of insignias. We use only the finest quality materials and our workmanship is second to none.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality, most personalized military rings available. This is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Warriorrings is exclusively dedicated to making military rings for all five branches of the US Military, including; Air Force rings (USAF rings) Army rings (US Army rings) Marine rings (USMC rings) National Guard rings and Navy rings (US Navy rings) All our designs can be used both for military rings for men and military rings for women. We have the largest range of designs. Currently well over 1000 side panel designs alone. To make it easy to find designs most relevant to you, each branch of service is broken up in to several categories to help you narrow down your search. Alternatively you can use a keyword search. What really sets warriorrings apart is our stone designs. We can incorporate three dimensional designs inside the stones or encrustments on top of the stone. For example if you are designing an army ring you may want to have your MOS inside your birthstone or if you are designing a navy ring then possibly your rating symbol. If you are designing a marine corps ring then possibly the eagle, globe and anchor. The choices, you will see, are impressive.

We know what your military ring means to you and what it represents. We hope that warriorrings will let you create your own military ring at your own pace, whether you're in the comfort of your own home or from your cot or rack, downrange or underway, somewhere in the world. Remember to take your time and explore all the design options, as this will be something that will be handed down through the generations.